Fenix Paragiding ClubFenix Paragliding Club is based in the Swedish capital. We are one of the biggest clubs in the country, with some 180 members in and around Stockholm. Fenix operates three airstrips, two complete sets of towing equipment, and maintain a number of hillside take-offs.

If the weather permits we fly every weekend throughout the year (every day of the year some would argue). We have a staff of around 35 people well organized in "field teams" who take turns as responsible for our activities in a revolving schedule.

Under normal conditions our summer season runs from April through September. That's when we tow-start at our main summer airstrip at Härkeberga village 70 km north of Stockholm near the town of Enköping. Air space (FL60) and thermal conditions at Härkeberga offers good conditons for XC flying, preferably northbound. At this time Härkeberga has no good towing strip for winds from north or south. That's when we use out option to fly at Vängsö airstrip 70 km south of Stockholm.

The rest of the year we fly at Barkarby airstrip in the northern suburbs of Stockholm. The crowded airspace near the city does not permit cross-country flying, but that is no problem during the cold half of the year. Barkarby is much closer to where most of us live, and it may well be the only paragliding airfield in Europe with a Metro-station only 10 minutes walk away.

In the winter in particular, Stockholm also offers an abundancy of spectacular soaring sites, the common factor of most is that they need the water in front of them to be frozen over to guarantee a safe landing.

This website is entirely in Swedish. We do not provide any services in English. We do however provide you with a Google Translate option (see module to the right).

If you want to know more about flying in Stockholm, get in touch with somebody in our club by choosing "Styrelse" (committee) or "Fältgrupp" (activity stewards in the field teams) on the main menu. The country code to Sweden is +46.

Once a month September–May we meet at a "Fly-in pub" in central Stockholm, which would be a good opportunity to meet us if you are English-speaking only and new in town.

The activity phone 072-707 07 00 is a listen-only phone where you cannot leave messages. If you wish to share a question or a thought with our club members, the best option is to use our guestbook "Anslagstavlan" (on right-side menu).

Written by Björn Hårdstedt in March 2008